MyNiteLight® is a central medium where event promoters can present web and mobile users with on-demand social event information that they can RSVP, map, share, and schedule.

  • How Does It Work?

    First you enter your Country (if you're going abroad) State & City or postal code, then the date you wish to go out. A list of events within your radius are made available to you upon clicking "Find An Event". The listings can then be sorted by distance, cost, and start time. Clicking on a listing takes you to a details page where you can find out more information (promoter, special guests, DJs, genres, and restrictions). You can even get directions or let your friends know where you intend to be via Twitter, Facebook and other social networks.

  • Always Know What's Going On

    Quite frankly, it does not matter what websites or mobile applications have existed before MyNiteLight®. What matters is that even while you read this, you are not aware of all the events that are available to you right now! The #1 question asked between friends and associates is "What's going on?".  MyNiteLight® puts that answer at your finger tips. Whether it's an industry mixer at a small lounge or a 3 floor event with your favorite DJs, MyNiteLight® is your guiding light.

  • Use MyNiteLight Anywhere

    You can search and sort event listings from a desktop computer or on the go via MyNiteLight® powered mobile applications. The free MyNiteLight® application allows iPhone, Android, WAP, and web users access to on-demand details of the plushest events across the globe. The simple, searchable database allows you to sort, RSVP, map, share, and add events to your personal calendar. You will ever be in the dark about nightlife, when using MyNiteLight®.

  • Are You An Event Promoter?

    Event promoters are continuously searching for platforms to increase awareness of their events. Flyers, radio ads, and email campaigns are the traditional steps typically taken. MyNiteLight® provides a simple and effective method to promote and supply event details to an audience of millions of mobile and web users. MyNiteLight® is the perfect compliment to traditional mediums and the industry standard for event awareness.

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